From Thanksgiving to Black Friday

Thanksgiving has officially come and gone! It is my favorite holiday, I love the food and the family time so much. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I hope everyone actually enjoyed the holiday and didn’t cut it short to do Black Friday shopping. I’m all for the savings, but family time is precious. I did do some online shopping, no lines, on my own time, and no hassels.

It makes me sad to see people fighting on news clips, over tvs and xbox consoles. Talk about first world problems. How does one go from being thankful to tearing someone’s face off at a Walmart?! Drives me mad, really! In the end is the sale really worth it?

And now it’s time to really prepare for the Christmas season, plus Hanukkah has begun! Beautiful decorations will go up and traffic will be wilder. People start driving a bit madder than they already do and then there is the intense shopping. I was just thinking how I need to go to my nearest Sephora and then I remembered how packed the parking is and I slumped in my seat at the idea of battling those crowds for a couple of products. If only there was one near work I could just go on my lunch break, but alas there is not and today will have to do.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Remember to take in every moment, because my how time flies and next thing you know it’s March Madness.


JFK, because reasons

The 50th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963, is rolling around. I actually quite enjoy this. For some reason I picked the Kennedys as one of “those” things that I love to learn about. I can’t say I have read all the books or seen all of the movies, but I have read some books and seen some of the movies and tv series. 

I’m not quite sure what it is about the Kennedys that first caught my attention, but I always say it reminds me of a novela. Full of romancing, tragedy and amazing life events, both wonderful and awful. Was Jack actually a good president though? Or was he simply charming and his end tragic ending made him this star we all know him as? Had he lived would he had been reelected? If so, would Nam have been Nam and would have the summer of love ever of been? It’s funny how one person could have influenced the course of life in another direction had he lived. As humans we enjoy all of the ‘what ifs’ for better or for worse. They are what tortures us in our personal lives but what we thoughtfully wonder in history and society. ie. what if I could tell my coworker what I really think! 

Think about ALL the conspiracy theories, who could have gained from his death and all we may have lost because of his death. Then of course Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedys named assassin. Granted the man babbled on and on about how he did not know what the police were talking about and how he was being apprehended because of his time in the Soviet Union. Never really admitting to the killing, but what about if he lived!? Would we know any more than we already do? Would he of admitted to the assassination and had he admitted would he have said the truth of why? All of the questions!!! Everyone asks them and even write about the answers we believe would have come. And then there is Bobby…would Bobby of died had Jack not? If Bobby had lived, would his kids who suffered from addictions not have? What would the Kennedy dynasty be known for if not for their tragedies and political lives? Would they of even become as popular as they continue to be? 

I know I know, this post is all questions and no answers. But they are questions that have forever interested me and around this time of year it excites me to watch PBS specials, CNN reports and made for tv movies/series. We all have a cluster of things we love to love and geek out about. This is just one of mine.

Mictecacihuatl Queen of the Underworld

Celebrating the Day of the Dead is primarily a practice of Latin culture. It is full of bright colors, foods and amazing sugar candy skull makeup. 



It is customary for people to visit their dead at the cemetery and build alters for them with sugar skulls, food and drink that the family member or friend enjoyed. There are beautiful flowers in rich colors placed along with anything else that the person loved or enjoyed in life. Per Wikipedia, the celebration comes from an Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihuatl. According to Aztec beliefs she was the queen of the underworld and ruled the after life.


Of course over time the tradition was blended with Spanish culture and it has become what it is today and spread all over the world. Many places celebrate this day and hold festivals of their own likely carried on initially by the Spanish and eventually every where through social media. Regardless of religious beliefs it is a wonderful celebration more for those of us who are alive than for the dead if one believes the dead are dead and there is no afterlife. If one believes in any sort of afterlife, heaven, it is most definitely a celebration for the dead, treating them to worldly treats and paying them honor that we think they deserve.   

My Vision Board

Last night I was thinking about a vision board I made for a class when I was in school. I still have it. I’ve always been skeptical about vision boards, because of what I was told about them. What was I told? Well that if you focus on it enough and you have it in your mind enough, it will happen. That’s hard to believe, since it usually takes action to get or even attempt what you want. However, does it hurt to make one? Well, no, it doesn’t; so I decided I am going to make an updated one.

What goes in a vision board though? I mean what are the main focuses? It’s been awhile since I made the one and only vision board I have. Is it literally anything I want? I believe so. In any case I decided to google “vision board” and the first things to come up is a link to the Oprah site! (PS I love Oprah and miss her show haha) But I’m not sure a guide is a good idea, because I believe a vision board should be something you want that makes your heart race to think of having or sink at the thought of not having it. I still gave myself some ideas based on the article and also skimmed through pinterest. There are some beautiful vision board ideas out there if you have the space in your home to hang it up! Check them out.

While skimming pinterest I found “the Bagua” and immediately recognized it; this was a guide, per say, that the instructor showed us.

ImageI’ve decided that I will use it as a guide again. It’s helpful to have an order to the madness of all things I hope to do and want. Some organization to my scattered thoughts, dreams and goals would be great as I am generally not very organized. My mind goes back and forth between how great of an idea vision boards are just to visualize goals so that you can go out and achieve them or as an upsetting reminder that you do not have them and may never. Regardless, I am going to do this!

A Fine Line: Harassment

Due to different situations I find myself is in all.the.time I’ve decided to do posts where I find myself on a fine line.

I’ve found in my interaction with people from the time I was in high school (maybe younger, just not as aware) up until now that some people have NO TACT. Now is this entirely their fault? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. I think some of it has to do with whether the person one is interacting with is actually educated and knows how to comport themselves properly, if they are socially developed or have some form of social disorder, or they’re you know, sober or not. I know that for most of us if we feel harassed or offended it initially doesn’t matter who it’s coming from, but of course it should.


Recently someone at work made me feel incredibly uncomfortable without meaning to. She, who is not well educated, was teasing a guy who is not socially well developed. I was dressed in warm clothes from neck to toe, and in form to tease this guy the woman decided to say to him “she looks sexy today doesn’t she?” to, from what she told me, he responded, “yes, very” and to further get to him she said “but it would be better if she wasn’t wearing tights right?” and he agreed and then she came and told me. This whole interaction and the lightheartedness she told me about it in made me incredibly uncomfortable. First of all the fact that the conversation was even had, that it was had AT WORK, that I was being discussed in such a way, and then how it didn’t seem to cross her mind that it was inappropriate for her to tell me.

Somehow my first thought was this is MY fault, but of course it’s not, my clothes were appropriate for work and I shouldn’t have at all questioned the outfit. I was concerned though, and I asked my boss if she thought I should change, to which she said no and we discussed how we felt about the woman who made me uncomfortable along with other employees who have a similar demeanor. Some people for lack of education or whatever really have no tact and say things to you that are complimentary or just a random thought out loud and don’t realize how terribly inappropriate they are being. It really is a fine line between being harassed and being complimented. I mean it’s one thing to flatter and another to make uncomfortable and this particular time I was uncomfortable. I think the other part that made me feel uncomfortable is that this guy was sort of being taken advantage of by way of me. But when people don’t know better and never have, how do you really fix that. I suppose I could have reported it, but I don’t believe any of it was out of true malice and that is why it’s hard to figure out a way to stop it in the future without it seeming like punishment for the ‘jokester’ whom I don’t believe deserves any sort of warning for sexual harassment. Sometimes, I feel like she is a child who I can no longer teach right from wrong and what is socially acceptable in jest to her and some of the other employees based on that and perhaps culturally is not acceptable in the workplace. If I were to voice it to a higher up other than my boss, who was willing to listen off the record, it could turn into a much bigger deal.

Not a Documentary


Sunday I went to see Gravity, which is a really good movie by the way. It had funny, suspenseful and very sad moments. I think that the fact that the movie had such great actors, for those of you living under a rock, they were Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, made it all the better. In my opinion, would the movie of done as well with actors that are not at par with S and G? No, probably not. It would have been another one of those “the visuals were great, but it was nothing special” movies. There were, of course inaccuracies, but as Cuarón said it’s not a documentary.

I had the strangest reaction to the movie:


When George Clooney’s character decides to untether himself from Sandra Bullock’s character I suddenly began to just cry. It was like I was having all of the feelings. Really I think I sympathized with the open emptiness and aloneness she was experiencing. I felt her fear and sadness. The person who saved her life, who was talking her down from the incredible anxiety was leaving her alone and going to die. Space is not a place I would ever want to find myself in alone. It’s an infinite place with no help and lack ability to breathe for an extended period of time without the appropriate devices. Everything keeps going poorly for her, everything is just bad luck from losing her colleague to the ISS being destroy and then from the soyuz being damaged and out of fuel to debris coming at her every 90 minutes. I think I would have just let myself float into infinity.

Santa Ana’s and MORE SHUTDOWN

It’s Friday morning here in Los Angeles *starts doing happy dance* -Every day should feel as good as Friday does. Unless you have the type of job where Friday is not what it means to most other people, in which case whatever day your Friday falls on, every day should feel like that for you! Any fun plans!? I might see Gravity and I might talk about that next time. I’m also having dinner at El Torito Grill this weekend, NOM.

So this morning on my way to work the Santa Ana winds ATTACKED me, no bueno. For those of you who may read this and don’t know what the Santa Ana winds let me explain. These are incredibly strong dry winds that start in the inland through SoCal and I think mrr maybe get all the way to Baja? Don’t quote me on that though. Anyway they make debris fly around everywhere and depending on where you’re driving your car sways back and forth, altogether, it’s just not a fun experience. I’m a rather small person so it carries me as well. (Think Mary Poppins, ok not that bad, maybe.) It actually can be pretty bad for people who drive SUVs and worse yet for those who drive big rigs! I’m hoping there won’t be any major accidents. The other danger of these Santa Ana Winds…red flag warnings for fires. Yup, it’s fire season in Cali and we’re all hoping there won’t be a fire, but based on the hyped news, the appropriate measurements have supposedly been taken in the event of. We’ll see.

Just to update on the Shutdown, it’s day 4. FOUR, and it doesn’t look good. Someone said anger doesn’t get us anywhere. I beg to differ greatly. It DOES get us somewhere. If we are complacent and just shrug it off then we get no where. Being angry doesn’t mean one will react inefficiently. Yes, some turn violent, but really being angry gets you places if you use the right channels. What are the right channels? I mean look at the Civil Rights movement. They were angry and they protested and did sit-ins and so much more. It takes someone taking the leadership role and getting enough people out there to get Congress to listen to the people, because that’s their excuse right? They want what the American people want? I’m not saying Obama is the best president, he’s not, and I’m not saying all republicans are all bad, they’re not. However, the Tea Party conservatives are acting quite selfishly and irresponsibly and some a bit silly. I mean who has a 21 hour discourse to rally for a shutdown, with no real plan to get out of a shutdown or move forward. (This guy does. Click Meeee) Cross fingers the House Speaker calls for a vote and that we all can move forward from this unnecessary madness.

Happy Weekending!