JFK, because reasons

The 50th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963, is rolling around. I actually quite enjoy this. For some reason I picked the Kennedys as one of “those” things that I love to learn about. I can’t say I have read all the books or seen all of the movies, but I have read some books and seen some of the movies and tv series. 

I’m not quite sure what it is about the Kennedys that first caught my attention, but I always say it reminds me of a novela. Full of romancing, tragedy and amazing life events, both wonderful and awful. Was Jack actually a good president though? Or was he simply charming and his end tragic ending made him this star we all know him as? Had he lived would he had been reelected? If so, would Nam have been Nam and would have the summer of love ever of been? It’s funny how one person could have influenced the course of life in another direction had he lived. As humans we enjoy all of the ‘what ifs’ for better or for worse. They are what tortures us in our personal lives but what we thoughtfully wonder in history and society. ie. what if I could tell my coworker what I really think! 

Think about ALL the conspiracy theories, who could have gained from his death and all we may have lost because of his death. Then of course Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedys named assassin. Granted the man babbled on and on about how he did not know what the police were talking about and how he was being apprehended because of his time in the Soviet Union. Never really admitting to the killing, but what about if he lived!? Would we know any more than we already do? Would he of admitted to the assassination and had he admitted would he have said the truth of why? All of the questions!!! Everyone asks them and even write about the answers we believe would have come. And then there is Bobby…would Bobby of died had Jack not? If Bobby had lived, would his kids who suffered from addictions not have? What would the Kennedy dynasty be known for if not for their tragedies and political lives? Would they of even become as popular as they continue to be? 

I know I know, this post is all questions and no answers. But they are questions that have forever interested me and around this time of year it excites me to watch PBS specials, CNN reports and made for tv movies/series. We all have a cluster of things we love to love and geek out about. This is just one of mine.


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